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A big part of what we do every day is working closely with local architects to help bring development plans to reality.

We have built a number of strong partnerships and believe good collaboration is the key to the success of any project.
At Aubrey Homes, we pride ourselves on always being approachable. We work hard to support architects in tenders by always providing a detailed quotation which is transparent and breaks down exactly what is to be delivered and the costs in each area.

This makes it easy for comparisons to be made and adjustments to be factored in to meet required budgets.
Once a project goes live, clear and open communication continues to take place between our project management team and architects. This means that if any complications or challenges are encountered, we can help to find the best resolution to continue progression for the customer.

services for architects.

  • Fully transparent broken down tenders – allowing for easy comparisons
  • Clear Works programmes - allowing clients to manage there lives around the works
  • Value Engineering – if expectations don’t meet the clients budget, let us help to achieve the desired end result within budget constraints
  • Buildability assessments – Some projects need creative solutions to overcome build issues, with our wealth of experience we can help

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